Calendar or Events

Annual Club Meeting – ???

Club Phone Number

Club Phone – 402-630-9640. To update message, push # during the message and enter the security code. To record a greeting press 4-3-1-3-*. Gate Entrance Code – #6693


The club flew six times in October. The longest flight of the month was Mike Boska is the Russia for one hour and
56 minutes. Two members soloed during the month: Don Meyer and Pat Greenwood.

New Members

OSC gained a couple new members in the last two months. David Nail lives in Omaha and is new to aviation. Thomas Ostlund lives in Papillion and is a power pilot. David and Tom, welcome to the club.

Blanik L-33 Purchase Update Bob Craig Treasurer

The board members met in October to discuss the implementation of the A/B Plan for the L-33 passed at the general membership meeting for the L-33 purchase. The board reaffirmed the requirement that club members must be Plan B members to fly the L-33 (paid their $500). It was determined that a change to the clubs bylaw is required that redefines membership privileges. This change in the bylaws will be brought to the next general membership meeting for approval. The board also discussed the rates for the L-33 and decided to keep them the same as the L-23.

The board wants to express to the membership its great enthusiasm for the addition of the L-33 to the fleet. We now have a ship that can be used for SSA badge flights, flight time accumulation for ratings, and potential cross country flights (once minimum club requirements are met). The board expresses a profound “thank you!” to club member Jim Clark who drove all the way to British Columbia to pick-up and trailer home our new L-33! The L-33 awaits final US certification which is now scheduled for December.

Club Aerobatic Policy

Since the L-33 came with a parachute, there was some email discussions on the ability to do aerobatics in the ship. In general, no club member can perform aerobatic flight in the L-23 unless signed off by an instructor certified to teach aerobatics and wearing an approved parachute. The aerobatic policy for the L-33 needs to be defined by the flight officer and flight rules committee before any further discussion can be made

Upcoming Elections of Club Officers

In December, the membership will elect a new set of club officers. Though all officer positions are available to members for nomination, the following officers would like to be replaced. Club President – preside over meeting, enforce the bylaws, appoint members to committees. Vice President – fill in for the president as needed. Treasurer – maintain club monies and club records (currently an Access database), bill members, pay club bills. Flight Officer – Chair the flight rule committee, be in charge of all flight operations. Safety Officer – New position. See the bylaws for more detailed list of duties of each position.

Members, the club is definitely on the upswing with many new members and a new glider to fly. This is your chance to support the club and make a difference in its direction for the future.

Billing Changes

With all members having internet accounts, it’s time to switch from a paper billing to digital methods to save postage and make the billing cycle easier for the treasurer. For this billing cycle I will be emailing all members a PDF files containing the billing sheets, membership roster, and newsletter. Let me know if you are unable to open the PDF file.