Club Operations

The Omaha Soaring Club operates from Blair Municipal Airport, approximately 7 miles northwest of Omaha on Highway 133. 

Just to the north of the main runway and offset slightly to the west is the ‘glider grass’ that we operate our gliders from. This gives the club the ability to utilize the resources of a public airport and safely operate in concert with powered traffic, while utilizing a landing surface appropriate for gliders. 

Our flying is very weather-dependent. In general, we attempt to fly on Saturday and/or Sunday from spring through late fall. Flying on weekdays does also happen occasionally. During the winter, we may fly occasionally when the weather is appropriate.  

When we are operating, we can be identified by a white canopy over a collection of lawn chairs at one end of the glider grass. Since we takeoff and land into the wind, the end of the glider grass where we will set up can vary from day to day. If we are set up at the southeast end of the field, we can easily be reached in a short walk from the parking area. If we are set up at the northwest end of the field, please coordinate with us for help with safely making a much longer journey. 

Our gliders are towed by our Piper Pawnee. Most flights are towed to 3000 feet above ground level. If there is no lift, this provides an 18-minute ride. If there is lift, rides can be much longer. As a courtesy to others, we do limit the length of flights if others are waiting to use the glider. 

On days we plan to fly, an e-mail is sent to members the day before informing them of the intent to fly and the start time. We attempt to arrive at the airport approximately 30 minutes before the start time to prepare the gliders and set up our operation. Once operations begin, one member is in charge of organizing the flight schedule, keeping a record of flights, and acting as a coordinator and safety officer.



Blair Municipal Airport