Hello, all:

The thermals didn’t materialize as was predicted by SkySight.  As predicted, there was lift to almost 5,000’, but it was a constant struggle to find and stay in the small thermals we found.  The cumulus clouds were popping and passing overhead, but only from about 1pm until 3pm.  After 3pm, they stayed north and east of the airport.  Any of the clouds that got close to the airport dissipated before they were directly overhead.  It was clear and sunny west and south of the airport.  Our resident meteorologist, Warren P, said Monday’s forecast was more of a ‘wishcast’ (he said that a ‘wishcast’ is a forecast that is based more on hope than science).  Even so, there were five flights that were longer than 30 minutes, so it was a better soaring day than what we’ve had since early June.

Today’s flights:

  • Mike J, the husband of one of the Blair Airport Authority’s Board of Directors, stopped by. We have previously offered the BOD member’s a glider ride.  One of the BOD members took us up on our offer by sending Mike out.  He thought it was a great ride.
  • Ryan K flew a quick solo flight in the L-23. His FAA Private Pilot written test is later this week.  We are confident that Ryan will pass with a grade in the high 90’s.
  • Beth C flew two flight lessons with Steve R.
  • Will M was present today and flew two flight lessons with Steve. Will also helped Jeff F position his newly restored John Deere mower deck so it could be installed on Jeff’s John Deere aircraft tug.
  • Bob D flew two solo flights, one in the Club’s Grob Astir CS, the other in the L-23. Both of Bob’s flights were more than 30 minutes in duration.  That’s an experienced glider pilot, folks.
  • Warren P drove in from Lincoln and flew two flights in the Club’s Grob. His second flight was 48 minutes in duration, which was the longest flight of the day, plus earned Warren his ‘B’ Soaring Badge.  Congrats on earning your ‘B’ badge on a less-than-good soaring day!
  • Tom S flew a 38-minute solo flight in the L-23.
  • Jim D flew two flights in the Club’s Grob. Jim makes very good radio calls; everyone in the area knows where Jim is and what he’s doing.
  • Jeff flew two flights in his 1-26B. The first flight was a dud, but the second flight was 34 minutes in duration.

For the day, there were 16 flights in total, which was better than expected.  As of today, there have been 157 tows, which is almost on pace with the number of tows through the first week of July in both 2021 and 2022.  That’s good news, since we didn’t start soaring until June 9th.

Thanks all for another smooth and safe day of soaring!


Glider Launch in Progress

Glider Launch in Progress