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Club Phone   –    630-9640

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Entrance Code – #6693


OSC flew 4 days in September.  The longest flight of the month was one hour and forty one minutes, Bob Craig in his Russia.  We gave three introductory rides during the month.

Club Meeting Minutes

Bob Dyer called the meeting to order at 10am.  The members present were Bob Dyer, Bob Craig, Jim Clark, Jerome Schmidt, Sallie Daily, Jay Buchanan, Jerry Adams, Patrick Greenwood, and Paul Jelineck.

President report – nothing new.

Vice Presidents report – Jay Buchanan presented a list of objectives for the following year.  It included possible directions in club size: to hold as is, grow the club, or decline the club.  He also went over several objective areas and the need for someone to champion the various areas.   The areas include Club facilities, Social activities, Training activities, and Safety Program.  The complete list is enclosed.  We discussed the various aspects of the objectives.  Jaime pointed out the fact that his devotion to the club is limited and he will need to start tapering off.  So one of the objectives will need to be the spread of his duties to other members.  We added another objective area: flight operations.  This would be someone to help schedule flying on a weekly basis.  We decided to also include the field under facilities.  After much discussion, we decided to get this list out to members so they can think about it and then it can be discussed at the annual meeting or an extended version of the safety meeting, or by the OSCI board.  There was long discussion on improving some of the clubs communications.  Determining the airworthiness of the L-23 was a good example of conflicting communications.  In this case, the maintenance officer should be the final determination of club aircraft airworthiness after having consulted with appropriate A & Ps.    Another long discussion was how to improve the members experience operating club equipment – reduce wait time.  Since resources are limited and will remain that way for the near future, the only way to improve wait times is to spread flying over both weekend days and fly during the week when members are available.  Fixing the L-13 would improve the resource situation – either waiting for the FAA to approve the fix or going with a fix and having the glider become experimental.  The experimental designation will eliminate its use for introductory rides and possibly flight instruction (we weren’t sure) so it would become a ship to solo in and give personal rides.  It was suggested that the flight instructor situation could be improved by paying CFIGs to encourage more people to get the rating.   It was suggested that club members could be assigned to the various pieces of equipment (such as 4 wheeler, tractor and trailer, L-23, Pawnee) so that routine cleaning, etc. would happen on a regular basis.   Another focus for the objectives is to look at risks the club faces such as L-23 problems, Pawnee problems, changes in Airport Authority member support to the club, accidents, lack of mowing.

Treasurers Report – $3000 bank balance currently.  No short term debit for the club other than the welding of the Blanik tail.  Engine fund is $4000 and needs to be higher – I need the tach time of when the engine was replaced to calculate what the current balance based on $13 dollars per tach hour.  During this time we also talked about the possibility of paying someone to tow for us using their airplane or paying someone on the field to tow us with our airplane.

Flight Officer Report – Three ratings are being prepared for the practical test.   IACRA will now be used for all FAA transactions and can be done at Skywrx using their computers or WIFI.  Jaime would like to have all students collaborate on study methods, courses available, anything at would help get the knowledge tests accomplished.

Maintenance Report – Pawnee tail had some cracks fixed at last annual.  The Jantar landing gear retraction was also fixed.

New Business – The rot in the walls of the pilots room off the deck makes using that room impractical.  We could add an awning over the deck as well as staining the deck.  The room behind the Pawnee also has lots of issues and is full of junk.  We talked about using the safety meeting for a club meeting as well since it is usually the best attended event the club has.  The safety meeting could be in the morning, then pizzas would be delivered for lunch, then a club meeting during the afternoon.  We could also have a speaker attend the meeting.  We also should have the soaring safety foundation review our operation sometime since they have offered to do it.

Meeting was adjourned around 12 noon.

Blanik Update

I recently checked the Wings and Wheels site to see what people considered the L-13 worth.  There was one group selling two L-13s for $3000 a piece.  These L-13s had between 2200 and 3000 hours total time.  I think our L-13 is below $2000 hours.  A while back two refurbished L-13s were going for $6000 a piece.

Also, there was the ad shown below:


two seater only 500hrs from new in 1985, all aerotow. Overhauled and refinished to a fine standard with aerobatic sunburst red/white colour scheme, overall condition 9/10. Good panels including accelerometers, fully enclosed trailer with all the dollys and rigging aids, again 9/10. “Bulletproof” glider (built to last) with a high VNE and good glide angle, ready to go to work and perfect for commercial gliding usage. Fully EASA certified, with new ARC if required. Happy to load it into a container for you to ship to your chosen destination. $15,000.00
Tim (UK+44) 07752 257277