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Club Phone Number

Club Phone   –    630-9640

To update message, push # during the message and enter the security code.  To record a greeting, press 4-3-1-3-*.

Entrance Code – #6693


OSC flew 5 days in September.  The longest flight of the month was two hour and one minute, Mike Boska in his Russia.  Other long flights were Bert Aagesen in the Jantar for one hour and 10 minutes, Anders Backlund in the L-23 for one hour and two minutes (earned his B badge), and Bob Craig in his Russia for one hour and three minutes.  We gave five introductory rides during the month.

New Ratings

Three club members earned commercial glider ratings recently.  Jim Clark and Steve Stevens both passed there check rides with Bert Aagesen and can now take paying passengers in the L-23.  Congratulations to you both!  And Anders Backlund became our newest private glider pilot. Congratulations Anders!

Blanik Update

From Blanik America:  Recently, Aircraft Industries a.s., the maker of Blanik gliders, sold all type certificates and production documentation for Blaniks to a Russian company, S7 Engineering. If the currently ongoing negotiations with S7 are successful for Aircraft Industries, the Blaniks may again be manufactured at Kunovice, the home of Aircraft Industries. We will keep you informed.