SDC10578_0Further proof of a successful summer of soaring again this week. Another club member earns a rating! Club members are keeping examiner Bert and the FAA busy this year!! Read More for the report, and the grip-n-grin!

Hi All of OSCI,

Anders and I arrived at SkyWerx about 10:45 and spent a few minutes chatting before Bert arrived. We tried the IACRA application process but had to fall back on the old fashioned paper process of handling the application. I left as Bert was starting the oral portion of Anders’ practical test and went over to the glider grass where Steve was about to takeoff flying from the back with Dan in the front for a back seat checkout. It was sunny but more wind than forecast made it feel, well, cold. Pat Greenwood and I took the second flight. Dan took the third flight just because he wanted to fly. He invited Steve along as ballast. Bob D. towed flights 1 and 3. Dan towed flight 2. Bert and Anders finished the oral and took flights 4, 5, 6 for the flight portion of Anders practical test. I did the towing. I was still sitting in the Pawnee when Bert walked up with his arm raised and thumb up. He came up to me in the cockpit and said Anders did “ very good”! Congratulations to Anders! See the attached picture for the grip and grins. After putting everything away I had a chance to talk a moment with Anders. He was still smiling. Congratulations Anders! Well done! Thanks to all who came out mostly to help with special mention for Jerry because I hadn’t yet reported his superlative ground support.

Anders Passes!