Hello, all:

Today we flew two flights in support of the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s Office, and the Civil Air Patrol FEMA coordinator.

This summer, the Omaha Soaring Club has been providing orientation flights to CAP Cadets.  Each cadet is allowed to experience up to five glider flights.  These flights have been coordinated by Col. Ian Calderon, the Wing Commander of the Nebraska branch of the CAP.  Senator Fischer is a supporter of the CAP, and her Aid, Chase Kratochvil, and Col. Fred Phelan, USAFR (the Emergency Preparedness Liaison FEMA Region VII) were in the area.  So, Col. Calderon asked if they could each take a glider flight, to experience what the CAP Cadets have been doing with OSCI this summer.

US Senator Deb Fischer’s Aid, Chase Kratochvil, along with OSCI member Col. Dan Peterson (USAF-Retired)

Col. Fred Phelan, USAFR, the Emergency Preparedness Liaison, FEMA Region VII, along with OSCI member Col. Dan Peterson (USAF – Retired)

They each enjoyed a smooth flight, piloted by OSCI member Dan Peterson.

Tom S.