Hi, All:
A lot of flights today, with 17 flights!  We started flight operations at a little after 9:00AM, with five Civil Air Patrol – Cadet Orientation flights.  Whit B. handled the towing and Dan P. handled flight instructions.  Thank you, Whit and Dan!  Normal club flight operations started at around noon.  Warren P. flew twice, with Steve R. instructing.  Jaime A. was flying with us, and he flew two flights with Steve to complete his Bi-annual Flight Review.  John H. then did two flights with Steve.  Dave L. did a solo flight in the L-23, giving Steve a break.  Steve then flew a FAST Kit flight with Dave K.  While Steve and Dave K. were up, we launched Jeff in his 1-26.  Jay B. took Dave K’s wife for a 30 minute flight in the L-23.  After Jay landed, Warren and Steve did another flight together.  Jeff went up a second time in his 1-26, and then Steve flew the hangar flight with Dave K’s daughter.  Dave’s daughter, a school teacher, surprised Dave with the FAST Kit as a ‘Father’s Day’ gift.  Another surprise, and a reminder of the ‘small world’ we live in, was that Dave and his wife knew Jay from years past. 
While we were getting the Club flights going, we also helped Jim C. disassemble the L-33 for a trip to Hutchinson, KS, for a big soaring contest that’s going on there this coming week.  Jay B. and Bob C. are taking their Russia there to compete, too.  We’ll have to see how they do in the competition.  Best of luck to them!  
The weather Saturday was much nicer than the 104 degree day on Thursday.  With a light breeze blowing from the east, there was lift to be found along and above the west side of the airport, and over the small cemetery about a mile west of the airport.  There was also some decent lift just southeast of the airport, in what Jay called the ‘Club Thermal’.  Jay got up to about 5,300′ over there.  Jeff stayed west of the airport, and while he didn’t get any higher than 4,000′, he was able to get a 40 minute flight in.
It was a great June day to soar, and a fun day to be out at BTA. 
Thanks all, for another safe day of soaring!
Tom S.