Today we flew eleven sorties. The humidity was low, and the high temp for the day was approximately 80 degrees. The wind was variable and mostly a crosswind blowing at 8 knots from the southwest, gusting to 14 knots. In other words, another beautiful end-of-summer day to be outside! We operated from the south end of the runway, with a quartering crosswind tailwind on take-off and a quartering crosswind headwind on landing. As predicted by Dr. Jack’s, the Soaring Forecast, and SkySight, there were good thermals, some of which topped out above 8,000′.

Flight operations started with Jim Cu. doing two flight lessons with Steve R. instructing. Jeff F. was launched in his 1-26B, hoping to complete his second two-hour flight for his Bronze Soaring Badge. Jeff reported that he initially found a good thermal that he rode up to approximately 6,300′, but after losing that thermal, he didn’t find much else. His flight ended after an hour and six minutes; he’ll try another day for his second two-hour flight. Matt R. was launched after Jeff in the L-23, and he found a strong thermal above the airport. Matt had the highest altitude of the day at 8,300′ and the longest flight of the day at an hour and thirty-five minutes. Steve was launched in his 1-26E, and he attempted to help Jeff find better thermals while he was up. Steve and Jeff tried to find the base of the thermal Matt was in, but they only found steady sink. Steve landed after a thirty-five-minute flight. Next, with Jaime A. observing, Jeff flew a quick pattern tow so he could complete the last of the three spot landings required for the Bronze Badge. After that, Jeff loaned his glider to Liam G., who found the lift that Jeff did not find. Liam had a perfect take-off, climbed to over 7,200′, flew for an hour and twenty-five minutes (Liam said he could have stayed up longer), and greased the landing. Please note that this was Liam’s first flight in a 1-26. Nice flying, Liam, and congrats on earning your ‘B’ Soaring Badge! While Liam was up, Matt finished the day with four pattern tows.

Bob D towed for us today.

Hope to see some of you this Saturday!