Hello, OSCI Members:

We had a busy day with 16 flights, plus there was good lift. First up twice with Steve R. was Joe C. Then Warren P. flew his annual safety flight with Steve. Later on, Warren flew a solo flight and just missed completing the hour-long flight required for his ‘B Badge’. Jim C. and Bob D. flew Bob’s annual safety flight. We launched Jeff in his 1-26 for the longest flight of the day at an hour and a half. Then Steve took Joe C. Jr for a ride. Bob C. flew his Russia glider while Matt R. flew four pattern tows. I flew a thirty-minute solo flight, followed by Lexy H. and Steve for two flights. Bud S. flew the hangar flight, but by the time Bud flew, the lift had died significantly. Frank did the towing today. It was a top-ten day for being outside, and we got to fly!

We are hoping to fly this coming Saturday, weather permitting. We are trying to schedule CAP Cadet Glider Orientation flights on Saturday AM, and then fly club flights in the PM. TRACON has already said that they won’t clear us for flights above 4,000′ due to the anticipated heavy air traffic expected during the annual Berkshire Hatheway meeting.

Thanks all.