Hello, All:

What a beautiful fall day to be out flying!  The air was silky smooth, so there was no lift to be found, but it was still a very busy day with fifteen flights.  First up was Steve R. and Tom S. for a “return to service” flight for the brake work recently completed on the L-23.  The brake now works great!  Next up was Steve and Whit B. for a CAP flight, followed by Warren P. and Steve.  Next was Arthur for his first FAST kit flight, which was a birthday present from his wife.  Next was Lance H., who flies RC-135’s for the Air Force.  This was Lance’s first FAST kit flight.  The above photo is of Steve with Lance, following Lance’s first flight.  Steve is either reviewing the flight, or he’s regaling Lance with stories about a fish he caught.

Next, Steve took his friend Ian, another ‘135 pilot, for a flight.  Steve then took a flight with Bob A.  Jake K. then did a solo flight, followed by Steve taking up Mike M., a friend of Jeff’s.  Steve and Jeff went up, so that Jeff could capture some photos (check out the slide show on the club website – Jeff got a great photo from outside the cockpit using a selfie-stick).  Jake flew another solo, and then we then launched Jeff in his 1-26.  Steve and Warren went up again, and then Jeff took another 1-26 flight.  Lance took his second FAST flight, which ended the day.  Frank M. did the towing, and Steve was kept very busy.  It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon to be outside, and we got to fly, too!

Thanks all, for another successful and safe afternoon of soaring!