Hi All

Beautiful day. Dan flew his P-Barron out to Blair to play with us today. Cool departure.  We saw Paul take off in the Conquest that is now based at Blair.  A quick trip to Valentine and back and he stopped in to help put things away.  One fast airplane.  Andy got his 1967 Cessna 150 he recently bought delivered to him and he and Jeff Counter did some training.  We did 8 flights today. First up was Whit and Dan followed by Larry for  his second solo flight. Jim took up the L33 and Pat got a solo flight in the L23. I then did a solo followed by another solo for Larry.  Jim did another L33 flight, ending with Pat doing a rear seat flight with Larry in the front.  Flights were 15 to 18 minutes, but a nice day to fly.  Jaime got a couple tows and Dan and Whit split the rest.


P.S. by Pat. The Soaring Forecast predicted some lift up to 4,000 MSL with greater lift closer to the ground as typical. The BLIPMAP predicted +2 kt with some shear. I would say the predictions were quite accurate with zero sink about the best we saw today. Winds started out 330@6 then tapered off to nearly calm at the end of the day.