What a great day to soar! Winds light, so a runway 31 dep with 13 landings. We had 10 flights today. 2 flights of 41 minutes, and Bob Craig with 1:32.

Bob D. flew the L-23 with his niece Delaney. She kept us entertained all afternoon! Don went up twice in the L-33. Dan went up with Bob C. instructing.I then took up the L-33 for a 41 min flight, and reached 5500 msl. Jake took up the L-23 for a 28 min flight and reached 6200 msl. Jim then went up with the L-33. Jeff went up with Bob C for his safety flight. Bob C. was then cut loose for his 1:32 min flight. Jeff and Jake took up the L-23 for the hangar flight, and flew for 41 min. Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to Frank for 10 tows!