Hi All,

What a beautiful day to fly!  Jim Clark, Dan Peterson and myself got there early and assembled the L33 and put it in it’s nest until Saturday.

After filling a lot of badger holes, we started flight ops taking off DW on 31, landed on 13.  Ten safety flights for the day.  Dan Peterson and Whit were first. They needed 3 flights each, quick switch and 3 more, with Steve Stevens towing all 6. Next up was Jim Clark for his safety flight with Dan, then up was Steve Stevens for his safety flight with Dan, Jaime towing twice. Then Jaime did his safety flight with Dan followed by me with Jaime for my safety flight, Whit towing two. Total of 10 flights, the longest was Steve at 20 min.  No equipment problems.

Saturday morning safety meeting at 9:00 and flight ops at 1:00.  Looks like a great day, light winds for a  31 ops, setting up at the south end.

Thanks to all,

Tom Schaap