Hi All,

What a pleasant day to be out flying. The visibility improved and there was some decent lift. The temperatures were mild, and so were the winds. A gorgeous late summer day, but there was dust being blown up by the Pawnee when tows were starting. We need rain, and rain is predicted for the next several days. It’ll help the runway if we do get rain.

We flew twenty-three sorties today, and there were thermals being generated. Matt R. got up to over 5,000′ on one of his flights. Matt started the flying off with two rides. Keith W. and Steve R. flew a lesson, followed by Will M. and then Ryan K. for two. Matt jumped back in for two pattern tows, and then Teodoro G. and Keith each did a lesson with Steve. Matt then did a couple more pattern flights. Steve climbed back in for the second FAST kit flight for Rick J. Dave L. and Steve did a back seat flight for Dave L., and Jim D. took up the Grob while Steve and Dave did two more to complete his rear seat check out in the L-23. Matt jumped back in again for a flight with a ride while we launched Jim again in the Grob. Matt did three more rides and Jim did a third Grob flight. Frank did all the towing for us today.