Hi All,
We flew fifteen flights today.  We started with Steve R and Dave O, our latest tow pilot addition.  Welcome to the club, Dave!  Dave had to have a flight in a glider as training.  Steve then took Frank M up to observe Dave towing.  All was good, so normal flights started.  Graydon C flew two flights, and Will M flew once.  Lexi H flew two flights with Steve and then flew a solo flight.  I did a flight with an old friend.  Matt R finished the day with six flights, four with Steve and then two solo flights.  Steve did the instructing and, Frank and Dave did the towing.
Here it is, the end of October.  The Pawnee will be heading to Tekamah for its Annual Inspection, so we may miss flying this coming weekend.  It’ll be November when we get the Pawnee back, and as we move further into November, it’ll be harder and harder to find good days to fly.  The 2022 soaring season isn’t over yet; we’ll fly when we can.  Regardless of that, we’ve had a great season with a lot of accomplishments.  Soon, it’ll be time to start planning for the annual Board of Directors elections, and then it’ll be time to start planning the Annual Safety Seminar.  Before we know it, the start of the 2023 soaring season will be upon us.  Meanwhile, let’s have a strong finish to 2022!  
Thanks, everyone.