Hi, All:

Another great day to fly! The thermals were strong today, but so was the sink between the thermals. The sink messed up the timing on at least one pattern tow. It took a lot longer to reach 1,000′ than it normally does, so the glider release occurred later than normal. In total, we flew ten flights today. We started with Bob C. flying a paid ride, and then flew a safety flight for Liam G. Bob then flew FAST flight #2 with Keith W., and then Bob gave a flight to a friend of his. Dave L. flew his Safety/BFR today, also with Bob. Jeff took his 1-26 glider up for an hour and a half, and Liam flew a forty-five-minute solo flight in the L-23. I flew the hangar flight while there was still lift. I climbed through 5,300′ while watching a commercial airliner pass beneath and approximately 1,500′ to the west of me. First time for me, for that!

Frank did the towing.