Hi All,
We flew 8 flights today.  Rick B. was up twice with Steve R. and then Jake K. gave his friend Ian a ride.  Then, Steve gave Rick’s son a ride.  Dave L. flew a solo flight, and Vere M. did two flights with Steve.  I flew the hangar flight.  Frank did the towing.
A half dozen of us arrived at KBTA a couple hours early to clean out the hangars.  A lot of junk or things that we don’t use were sent to the dumpster.  For example, we found three large tubs of old, worn out sky diving boots from 25 or 30 years ago, that were apparently left there from a previous renter!  The hangar is much cleaner now, and the dumpster is full.  We got our money’s worth between the demo of the club room and the hangar clean out.
Thanks, all.