Hi All,
The day started with several members helping Jeff F assemble his glider.  Jeff returned from a week at the Hinckley Airfield in Illinois where he competed in the ‘Windy City 1-26 Regatta’.  His glider was still on its trailer and needed to be assembled for flight.  Jeff reported that the ‘Regatta’ was a lot of fun, he met some great pilots, and he learned a lot about competition soaring.
Gliders on the Starting Grid, Pilots Getting Ready to Launch

Gliders on the Starting Grid, Pilots Getting Ready to Launch

We flew fourteen sorties today:
  1. Dave L flew his Annual Safety Flight (ASF) with Steve R.  Per our Club By-Laws, all OSCI members must fly their first flight of the year with an OSCI Flight Instructor.  Hopefully, this provides a safe way to ‘knock the rust off’.
  2. Liam G. flew his ASF.
  3. Steve R. took a paid ride for a flight.
  4. Jeff F flew his ASF with Steve and practiced the required maneuvers for his Commercial Glider flight exam.
  5. Steve R. took 13-year-old Maddie up for a paid ride.  She got a little queasy, and they didn’t stay up as long as they could have.
  6. Jeff took his 1-26B (Glamour Girl) up for an hour-long flight.
  7. Tom took the L-23 for a 45-minute flight.
  8. Steve took a break from his CFI duties to fly a sortie in his 1-26E (Hangar Eagle).
  9. Steve flew a second flight in his 1-26.
  10. Bud launched in his Discus glider.
  11. Liam G. flew a thirty-minute flight in Jeff’s 1-26.
  12. Sean S. flew his ASF with Steve.
  13. New club member Rex W. flew his first FAST Kit flight with Steve.
  14. Sean S. flew a second flight with Steve to end the day.

The various soaring forecasts were accurate for the day.   The high temp was about 82 degrees, and the winds were fairly light and from the northeast.  Thermals were predicted to be above average, and both Jeff and Tom climbed above 7,000′ MSL.  The thermals were out there, but it was a clear, blue-sky day with no CU clouds to help find the thermals.

Bob D. did the towing for us today.

Thanks all.