Hi All,
It was a hot mess today!  Despite the heat, we flew thirteen flights.  First up with three pattern flights was John H. flying with Steve R.  Bob A. then did his Bi-Annual Flight Review with Steve.  After Bob’s BFR, Dave L. flew a solo flight.  Vere M., sporting his awesome new club shirt flew two lessons with Steve.  Next, I flew a solo flight to give Steve a break.  Jacob M. has returned from his recent overseas deployment, and he flew two flights with Steve to start knocking some rust off.  Finally, Jeff and Steve flew three pattern flights.  Frank did all the towing today.
Bud S. was out at KBTA again today (rocking his awesome club shirt).  He’s decided to sell his Taurus, and was getting it ready for a potential buyer to look at this week.  Bud already has his eye on a different motor glider.
While it was a warm and humid afternoon, it was quite comfortable sitting under the canopy, as there was a nice breeze blowing.  There wasn’t any lift today; even the hawks and turkey vultures were flapping their wings today. 
Thanks, everyone.