Hi, All:
We flew fourteen flights today.  Vere M. was up first with Steve R.  Next up was Kent, and then Mark, each for a FAST kit flight.  Liam then did a FAST Kit flight with Bob C.  Steve then did a flight with Casey O, our newest member, who I believe is 15 years old.  Welcome, Casey!  Casey already soloed a glider at the CAP Academy last month in Yoder, KS. After Casey was launched, we launched Jiim C. in the glider he just purchased.  Bud S. flew a flight with Steve while we launched Bob C. in his glider.  Bob got in a two-hour flight.  Will M. then flew his first FAST Kit flight with Steve.  Steve then did a flight with Braden, who is from New Zealand.  Pilots come a long way to fly with the Omaha Soaring Club!  John H. then flew with Jaime to do a little spin training.  Bob A. flew a solo flight and then Vere flew another flight with Steve.  I did a back seat pattern tow with Bob C. for the hangar flight.  Bob D. did the towing today.
Thanks all.