Hi All,
We did some flying today, with a total of twenty flights.  First up was Liam G. for three solo pattern tows, and one solo flight to 3,000′.  These four solo flights were followed by Mark D. and his nephew Kent M., who flew their second FAST Kit flights, Jim C. instructing.  We Jeff F. launched in his 1-26B, and then Jacob M. flew three pattern tows with Bob C. instructing.  Liam G. then flew three more solo flights.  Jaime flew a flight with Jeff, where they covered the altimeter and airspeed indicators for most of the flight, including the landing.  Jaime also flew with John H., where again, the altimeter and airspeed indicators were covered for the majority of the flight.  It makes the landing more of a challenge, but it does build confidence that if those instruments were lost (perhaps due to a bird strike), you can still land the glider.  Jacob M. was launched for a flight with Jaime before we launched Bob C. in his Russia; we didn’t see Bob again for over an hour.  Jim C. took up Graydon C. up for an instructional flight, and then I was launched for a solo flight in the L-23.  Jeff was launched again in his 1-26, and he and I flew the hangar flights.  There was strong lift, even though it was after 4PM.  We both climbed to 5,500′, and thirty plus minutes, we both decided it was time for everyone to head home, so we landed. 
Of note was that Bud S. and Jim B. were out flying Bud’s Pipistrel.  It was interesting to watch a motor glider take off from the concrete runway!
Frank did all the towing today. 
Thanks all.