Hello, All:

A beautiful day to be out!  This was the busiest flying day that I can recall since July of 2014, with 19 flights completed.  The first flight of the day was John H. (with Steve R. instructing), for his first FAST flight, followed by long-time OSCI member Whit B. flying his annual Safety Flight (also with Steve).  Next, Warren P. flew his Annual Safety flight with Steve.  A young lady named Kubra flew her first FAST flight with Whit instructing, and then Mark B. flew a lesson with Steve instructing.  Jeff F. and Steve flew two flights in a row, with Steve helping Jeff work on flying better landing patterns.  Bob C. took his Russia up between Jeff’s second and third flights with Steve, and then Steve kept busy flying three paid rides.  One of the three rides was a young Doctor visiting from Colorado, who is working on his Private Pilot’s license.  Another was his friend, who is an A and P, and the third was his girlfriend.  He also brought his parents from Texas out to watch, so there was a bit of a crowd watching today.  Jeff took his 1-26 up for two short flights, and then Jay B. took his Russia up, and Dave L. followed Jay up in a solo L-23 flight.  Next was another long-time OSCI member and flight instructor, Jaime A., who is back after a year off to avoid COVID (it was great to see Jaime again).  Jaime flew his annual Safety Flight with Steve.  Tom S. flew a solo flight in the L-23, and Mark and Steve flew the hangar flight.  Whit towed the first flight, and Frank towed the other eighteen.

A somewhat unusual occurrence was that at one point in the late afternoon, we had three gliders that needed to land at about the same time.  Dave landed the L-23 on runway 31 right, and less than two minutes later, Jeff landed his 1-26, on runway 31, right-er.  A few minutes later, Jay landed his Russia downwind on runway 13 right.  It’s hard to see, but all three gliders are shown sitting on the runway in the above photo, waiting to be retrieved.  It took a while to clear the runway, but all three landed without a hitch – good flying, guys!

Have a good week!

Thanks, all.