Hi All,

What a beautiful day to be out gliding.  We did 10 flights today.  Jaime was up first with a gentleman that was in a wheelchair. He is in rehab and always wanted to go gliding.  There was 4 or 5 people with him and three kids.  A couple of his helpers lifted him in and out. He loved it. Whit then took up one of the helpers for a flight too (she bummed the $75 bucks off her friends) LOL.  Don M. took up the L33 for a 26 minute flight.  Then Larry and Jaime for a lesson followed by Bob D. in his Russia.  Real weak lift but he worked it for 41 minutes.  Dave and Jaime next, followed by Don again in the L33.  Andy was next with Whit followed by me and then Bob D. again.  The Pawnee also got her bath before the annual this week.  Frank did all the towing.

Don’t forget September 30th Picnic tribute to Mike Boska.

Barring any problems, we should get the Pawnee back for some weekend flying, it depends on how busy they are with crop dusters, fingers crossed. Have a good week.