Hi All,

We had a busy day today with 9 flights, 5 students and four solo.  Michelle was first up with Whit for her third lesson, good to see you back Michelle!  Bob A. was second up, then Jacob Moore with Whit, Jacob is a new student, welcome Jacob!  Don was up next, solo, Don drove over from Des Moines just to fly, sorry we could get you some thermal activity Don.  Fifth up was Larry with Dan, then Jackson right behind him.  Then Terrance Connolly, another new student took his first lesson with Dan, welcome Terrance. I took a solo flight and Andrew did the hangar flight.  Not a good day for lift, longest flights 21 min (Bob A. and Andrew) shortest was 15 min (me) but we got some crosswind experience and 5 student flights.  Dan did the first tow and Frank finished the rest as Whit had to leave early and Dan did the instructing. Thanks all.