We had another busy day with 11 flights. Whit started with David K. then Travis. Next up was Steve R. with Larry in front seat. Whit then took up Logan, a friend of his grand daughter, she loved it!. Whit just stayed seated and took up Jeff F. for his lesson followed by his grand daughter. Steve gave Whit a break and took up Jeremy Stapley for an intro flight. Jeremy and his wife Stacie were driving by and so they stopped to check us out. Jeremy and Stacie just moved to Omaha from Oklahoma recently. Jeremy flies a Cessna Latitude jet for Con Agra. Welcome to Omaha NEBRASKA Jeremy and Stacie, Go Big Red!, LOL. We hope you guys come back soon. Whit then took up Jake followed by an intro flight with Stacie, and she really liked it too! Larry did a solo and I did the hangar flight. It was a muggy day but, hey we are out having fun flying.