Hi All,
We did a little flying today!  We started in the morning with ten CAP flights, which were followed by fifteen club flights.  Club flights started with Jim C, who is preparing for a Check Ride to earn his CFI-G.  Jim flew three times with Steve.  Then, Dan P. gave a ride to a friend of his.  We then Jeff launched for the first of three flights in his 1-26.  Steve flew three rides and a FAST Kit flight with a family (Joe F. and three of his sons).  Dave L. flew a solo flight, and a simulated rope break with me flying from the rear seat.  We also picked up a new member, Seyed Golshani, who drove up from Kansas City, getting here in time to get a flight with Steve.  Welcome Seyed.  Frank towed all day.  Whit and Dan flew the CAP kids with Steve and I as the ground crew.  It really was a nice day to be out, but we all know that the 2021 soaring season will be ending before too long.  We’ll fly on the nice days, if we get them.  Have a nice Sunday, no flying.