Hi All,
Today we successfully flew another twenty flights.  For the year, we’ve flown a total of 552 flights, which is 69 more flights than last year at this same time.  That’s extraordinary, because last year we flew about 70 more CAP flights than we have flown this year, and last year was a record year for the number of flights.
I flew first for a change, from the back seat with Matt R. in sitting in the front.  Liam G. then took one flight to 3,000′ AGL followed by two 1,000′ AGL pattern tows.  Matt R. flew his second solo glider flight, followed by three flights in a row for Lexie H.  Lexie flew two flights with Bob C. and then flew her second solo.  Francine did her second FAST kit flight.  Jim C. flew a couple of lessons with Bob C.  Bob A. took his son for a ride.  Then Dave L., Bud S. and Matt R. each flew solo flights and pattern tows.  Matt’s wife Denise flew a flight with Bob C. to end the day. 
We’ve had a beautiful October, but rain is needed.  The grass runway is suffering; it’s dusty and very rough.  Even the badgers are having a tough time digging holes in the grass runway.  Bob D did the towing, Bob C did the instructing, and Bob A had a good time flying with his son.
Thanks to everybody.