Hi All,

Wow, what a great day with 32 sorties and a new student solo. Bob A. started the day before the CAP Cadet Orientation flights started. Then we flew six CAP flights. After CAP, Sean S. was up with Steve R. on pattern flights, getting Sean checked out in the L-23. Sean recently got his PPL in Arizona, but in a different glider. They flew five pattern tows and then Sean flew a solo flight for number six. Bill S. did a flight with his son in the 2-22. Steve then did six pattern flights with Will M. and then Will did his first solo flight. Congratulations to Will who will turn 15 in January! Next up was Liam S. in the 2-22. Bud did two flights in his Discus glider and we got Mark B. up in the Grob. Beth C. and Steve did two flight lessons in a row. Liam S. did two more in the 2-22 and Mark did a couple of patterns in the Grob. Bud did the last flight for the season in his Discus, landing at 5:02, sunset. Frank did the towing. Thanks to everyone today and for a great season.

Will M, age 14, is congratulated after soloing by instructor Steve R and his mom Sarah M.

The tow plane goes out to Loup City Wednesday or Thursday for some work.