Hi, All,
We flew ten flights today.  First up was Kubra H. with Whit B. for a lesson.  Then, John H. flew two in a row with Whit.  We gave Whit a break and launched Jeff in his 1-26, followed by Jay B. in his Russia.  Jeff was launched a second time, and then John flew a third flight with Whit.  Bob A. flew a solo flight in the L-23, and while he was up, we launched Jay again.  Dave L. flew the L-23 solo, which was the hangar flight for the day.  Jay stayed aloft for 55 minutes, and Jeff stayed aloft for 44 minutes.  Frank did all the towing.
There were pockets of strong lift all along the west side of the airport, but it died at around 4,000′.  There was also some lift east of the airport, but again, it didn’t extend very high.  Once you left the areas of lift, the sink was pretty strong, and you’d drop from 4,000′ to 3,000′ pretty quickly.  Still, it turned out to be a very nice afternoon for flight operations.  
Thanks, all for another safe day of flying!