Hi, All,
We flew 10 flights today.  The first two flights were John H. with Whit B. instructing.  Next was new member Jacob, doing two FAST Kit flights with Whit.  Then Kubra H. flew a lesson with Whit.  Jeff F. did three quick pattern tows with Whit for some cross-wind experience. 
NOTE:  It’s important to keep the crosswind in mind when you turn onto the Base leg of the landing pattern!  The glider accelerates with the tailwind.  If you don’t anticipate that acceleration while turning onto Final, you will be blown past the runway, and then you have to work your way back to it.
John H. flew a third lesson, and then Jake flew the hangar flight.  Jake found some significant sink east of the airport, and figured that there must have been some significant lift somewhere.  But, it wasn’t where Jake was flying! 
Frank did all the towing.
Thanks all.