The early start paid off as we got in 6 flights before the oppressive heat set in. Jim Clark showed up and began assembling the L-33 as Whit got things ready to launch the L-23. Others showed up and got the L-33 assembled and put away prior to moving the other equipment to runway 13 for operations. Had 2 CAP cadets show up for rides and Dan and Whit gave each a ride. Also had a father/son show up who had talked with the group at the Lincoln Air show and wanted intro rides. Jamie took the son up and Steve S. took up the father. Jamie then flew with Bob A. to begin preparation for his check ride, which we will try to accomplish this season. Tom S. had the hanger flight with Dan for the same purpose as Bob. Finished up and put away by 1:30 and the group continued on for the BB ground school. Had 6 attend besides Jamie. Was a productive day in spite of the temps and the almost 90 degree cross wind. Good training for all though!