Hi All,
Today was a long, hot day.  In fact, today may have been the hottest day we’ve ever had flight ops.  It’d be wonderful if today remains the hottest day we’ve ever had flight ops.  Despite the 100 degree temperature, there was good lift today, and we had multiple 30 minute flights that could have gone longer, according to the pilots.  
Flight ops started this morning with ten CAP Cadet Orientation flights.  The first flight was Dan P. flying with Steve R., for his CAP Check Ride.  This was followed by the Cadet flights.  After the Cadet flights were completed, we flew eleven Club flights.  The Club flights started with John H, who flew did a solo flight.  After John, Scott M. flew with Steve for the first of two FAST Kit flights.  Next, Harold B. flew two flights in a row with Steve.  Warren P. flew two solo flights and Bob A. flew one.  Mark B. and Steve flew twice, and then Jeff F. and Steve flew one flight to work on stalls, which was the hangar flight for the day.  Dan and Steve flew all the CAP flights, and Frank did all the towing today. 
Thanks guys.