Hi, all:
Flight operations started today before 9:00AM, and we didn’t leave until 5:30PM.  It was a long day with twenty-seven flights!  That may be a club record!  We completed nine CAP Cadet Orientation flights, and eighteen club flights for the day.  The flights started with Mark B., who flew two pattern tows with Steve R.  Then, the CAP cadets arrived, and those nine flights were completed.  After the CAP flights, Mark flew a normal flight to 3,000′ with Steve.  Next, Lexi H. flew a lesson with Steve, which was followed by Hannah M. and Steve.  We launched Jacob M. for a lesson with Steve, followed by Ryan L. for his first FAST Kit flight.  Bob C. then flew two FAST Kit flights with Greg from Sioux Falls (Greg is a friend of Chris Lidel, who flew two FAST Kit flights with OSCI last fall.  Chris flew Greg to Blair in his very pretty Pitts S2B – what a tiny, but very powerful aircraft!).  Steve then took up a fellow who was checking an item off of his ‘bucket list’.  While they were aloft, we launched Bob C. in his Russia.  Next, Rich M. was launched with Steve, and we also sent Jeff up in his 1-26.  Dave L. flew a solo, and then Jacob and Rich each went up again with Steve.  John H. did the last two flights solo, and we called it a day.  Frank towed, and Dan and Whit handled the CAP flights.  Steve handled all the club instruction flights.  Jeff had the longest flight of the day, at 51 minutes.  It was the busiest day ever, but it was a super nice day to be outside.  The visibility wasn’t bad either – no smoke aloft!
Thanks, all, for another safe day of soaring.