Hi, OSCI Members:

We completed eight flights today, before the winds exceeded our club safety limit. Our short-term goal the past couple of weeks has been to have OSCI members complete their Annual Safety Flights. This is a club requirement for safety purposes, where each club member is required to fly one flight with a Certified Flight Instructor to knock any rust off after the winter lay-off. CFI-G Jim C. flew first with CFI-G Bob C. along, completing Jim’s annual safety flight. Jim flew two more flights to satisfy his flight currency requirements. Jim then took two paid rides up, and those folks really enjoyed their rides. Jaime A. and Bob C. flew two flights to complete Jamie’s Bi-Annual Flight Review (BFR). The last flight of the day was Lexy H. who flew with Bob, completing her annual safety flight. Frank flew the first seven tows and David O. flew the eighth.

Weather and winds permitting, we’re hoping to fly this Tuesday. The forecast is for a sunny day with light winds.