Hi All,

What a thrilling opening game! Go BIG RED!

We had a pretty busy day of flying today. A total of 9 flights. We were going to just do pattern flights with a 1700 foot broken to scattered cloud base. We managed to get on top for the first flight with Steve R. and Jaime. The next flight was just a pattern with Larry and Whit. Bigger holes developed so back on top for a gift certificate ride. Next up was a fast kit flight for new member Andy Kelly with Dan, welcome Andy. Good to see you back again after a ride 6 weeks ago. Don M. caught an 18 minute flight in the L33 followed by Jaime with a new club member, Mark (Stoner) Oberg. Stoner flew helicopters for the Marines in Iraq, welcome to the club. Paul managed a 31 minute flight in the L33 followed by me and Dan. Larry did a second flight with Dan for the hanger flight. No decent thermals as most flights were under 20 minutes. Dan managed two tows, Steve did six tows and Paul did the last.

Watch your email for Monday flying, as of now we will do a 12:00 noon start, we picked up a couple more for Monday too. We have Frank towing and Bob Craig instructing Monday. Enjoy your Sunday.