Hi All

It was a busy day today. Total 9 flights but the longest was only 32 minutes with the rest 20 minutes or less, and it was a good ‘sounding’ day.

Jackson  had a lesson with Whit, Dave and then Larry went up with Dan followed by Michelle and then Pat with Jaime.  Jay took up his Russia hoping to beat gravity for a while but she won 19 minutes later.  I did a solo for 18 min and left the best for Bob A. to do the hanger flight with 32 minutes.

Before we got started, Jaime checked out Frank Mitchel for towing again in a beautiful Champ. Frank did 4 tows, Steve 3 tows, Dan and Jaime each one tow.  Welcome back Frank, good to have you towing again!

Everyone have a fun and safe July 4th!!