A very busy day today. We did 10 flights on an early start. First up was Dan taking up his 16 yr. old granddaughter for her first flight, she loved it! Dan then took Bob Seewald for his first FAST kit flight followed by Greg, his son for his first FAST kit flight. Paul then took up Travis Sturm for a flight to see how he liked it, he liked it. Whit then took up Tommy, the son of a work friend who was visiting from Washington state with his girl friend (you should have been here Jaime, LOL). Whit then took up Rachael for her ride. Dan then took up Bob and Greg again for their second FAST rides followed by Whit with Tommy for a second ride. It sounds like Tommy is going to look for a soaring club in Washington. Bob A. took the hangar flight and we wrapped it up a little after 3:00. Jay stopped by to help, thanks Jay. Paul, Whit and Dan all got to tow.