Hi All,

What an awesome soaring day. BOOOOOOMing soaring! Some thermals were giving us a 1,000 fpm at times! Bob Craig got to 10,500 and was north of Fremont heading to Scribner but because the headwind was so strong it was taking for ever so he gave up and settled for a 2 hr. 25 min. ride. He came back because his butt was getting sore.  Bob Dyer was up 1:16 and only came back to give a friend a ride in the L23. The L23 was limited to 30 minutes because we were busy, total 10 flights. Many flights were seeing 7,000-8,000 and had to use speed brakes to get back down in the 30 minute limit.

Dave, Matt and Larry got their lessons with Jaime. Andrew started it all off with Whit. Dan had a ride, Steve got a flight in, Bob C. and I took the hangar flight and even at 5:15 we had a thermal giving us a 1,000 up and got to 7,800, I think my highest flight.  A windy day, but pretty much 280 – 310 so not too bad a cross wind but a wind gradient issue. Dan, Whit and Steve did the towing. A great soaring day.

Again, no flying Sunday. Enjoy the day.