A busy morning and afternoon today.  A total of 13 flights including a practice rope break.  We started around 10:00 with Steve taking up Jimmy Gow on a ride to see if he likes flying a glider. He loved it and he bought a FAST kit and did both flights today. Next was Artem with Steve for a training flight.  Bob A. did a solo between Jimmy’s two flights. Next up was David Tribell for a front seat check out with Bob Craig. We got in a safety flight next for Don then David T. back up again in the back seat for his back seat check out followed by a quick rope break flight. We now have another instructor.  David has been an instructor in a Grob and a Pawnee tow pilot.  Dan got him checked out in the Pawnee so we now have another tow pilot.  Jay B. got his safety flight done, Dave L. flew solo and I did the hangar flight. We also managed to launch Bob Craig in his Russia, he left us and went to Fremont and back, 1:40!  the rest were all less than 18 minutes.  Two new club members today, David Tribell and Artem Dudin, a big welcome to both!  Enjoy your Sunday!