Hi all of OSCI,


We had a beautiful day of sled rides at BTA. No lift, but taking a ride in the skies was still worth the effort. We started pulling out the ships at about noon. First Daryl went up in his Schweizer 1-35 for its first flight since having the wing tips repaired. The wing apparently flew quite well and he managed to eek out :20 from his 3000’ tow. I went next in the Russia and did the same (20’ from 3000’). Then Bert went up in the 1-35 to 4000’and also got 20’. I guess he was putting the 1-35 through some maneuvers. Finally, Daryl went up for the hangar flight for a 20’ flight. I guess that we all had the flight of the day! Many thanks to Paul Jelnik for the tows and Tom Schapp for wing running. While the lift was lacking, the weather was superb, as was the camaraderie. It could be quite a while before we have another 65 degree day!