Hi, all:

As it has turned out, we aren’t done flying in 2023. The Pawnee wing struts passed inspection as required for the current FAA Airworthiness Directive, so they’re good for another two years. Since the Pawnee is good to go and the weather is super nice, we flew today. In fact, we flew twenty-seven sorties today.

We started flight operations at 9:30am with Sean S. and Steve R. doing four flights. Then, Steve and Mark B. flew a sortie, and then Mark flew four solo sorties. Liam S. flew two flight lessons with Steve, and then Ryan K. flew one flight lesson with Steve before flying a solo flight. Next up was Liam G. who flew two flights with a friend of his, who is an Air Force meteorologist. We should recruit her – an in-house weather forecaster is good to have in the club! The next sortie was Liam S. with Steve in the 2-22, and then Liam flew a solo flight in the 2-22. Steve took two paid rides up in the L-23. They both thought it was an awesome experience and appear to be interested in joining our club. Bill S. helped out by flying three paid rides in the 2-22. Meanwhile, Matt R. was launched for a flight in the Grob 102, and Bud S. took his Discus up for a flight. Steve flew one flight lesson with Beth C., then flew another paid ride. We finished the day with Will M. flying two pattern tow flights, with the last one touching down about a minute before sunset. It was a beautiful day to fly, and we had a colorful sunset to watch as we put all the equipment away for the day.

Bob D. towed this morning and Frank towed during the afternoon.

We’re looking to fly on Wednesday, when the forecast is for sunny skies, light winds, and temps approaching 70 degrees.


Tom S.