Hi, Club Members:

Wow, what a day! We only flew eight flights today, but what we lacked in the quantity of flights was more than made up by the quality of flights! Everyone who flew had at least an hour-long flight, because the lift was great today.

Bob A. was up first in the Grob for over an hour. Next up was Matt R. in the L23 for an hour and twenty minutes, earning his “B” Badge. Jeff F. took his 1-26B up for a long two hour and forty-two-minute flight, completing the first of the two two-hour flights for his Bronze Badge. Steve R. then flew a couple of flights in his 1-26E, checking his new toy out. I took the L-23 up for a little over an hour, and then Steve was launched again for an hour and a half flight, earning his “B” Badge, too. Then Bud S. took up the Grob up for over an hour, earning his “B” Badge. Congratulations to Matt, Steve and Bud for their “B” Badges! Jeff had the longest flight and the highest altitude reached at 9,000 feet. There was still good lift when Bud came down at 5:30!

Frank did the towing.

It doesn’t get much better than this in eastern Nebraska…unless the soaring is better tomorrow, which it is forecast to be!

Tom S.