Hi, All:

The first flights of the 2022 Soaring Season took place yesterday, March 13th.  March 13th is about three weeks earlier than we started last year.  The weather wasn’t bad yesterday, with very clear skies, a temperature near the mid-60’s, and steady winds that were almost directly down the runway.

Yesterday, we focused on annual Safety flights.  We normally start each year with all club members making one flight with a CFI-G.  Since we normally have several non-flyable months during the winter, the Safety flight with a CFI-G is a good way to knock the rust off.  We completed seven Safety flights, plus flew some pattern tows so members could get in another take-off and landing.  We started flight ops at 2:20PM with Jim C giving Bob D his Safety flight.  Nic M flew his Safety flight with Steve R, and then Bob A flew his Safety flight with Steve, too.  Steve flew with new member Rick B., and then with Jeff F to complete Jeff’s Safety flight.  Meanwhile, Jim checked Nic out for flying the L-33, and then Nic took the L-33 up for the first time.  Nic had a smooth takeoff and landing – nice job, Nic – you made it look easy!  Lexy H flew her Safety flight with Steve, while Bob D took the L-33 for a quick flight.  Lexy and Jeff each flew a pattern tow before I flew my Safety flight with Steve, which was the hangar flight for the day.  We started the day later than normal, and we finished very late, too.  The final flight ended close to 7PM.  Frank did all the towing.

It was a good way to start the 2022 Soaring Season.  Something to mention is that a badger appears to have moved into the middle of the runway, as there were several large holes that needed to be filled.  There are a lot of animal holes in the field this spring – the critters been busy this winter.  The main wheel of the L-33 fell into an old hole on the secondary runway, and it took five of us to get it out of there.

Thanks all!

Tom S.