Hi, All:
We flew 8 flights this afternoon, and signed up a new member, Kubra H.  Welcome, Kubra!  The first flight today was Bob D., giving a ride to his granddaughter.  Next up was Steve R., who gave a ride to the young man who mows the runway and operations area for us.  This was his first glider ride, and from the smile on his face, he enjoyed it greatly.  Steve then did a rope break with Jeff F., and then Steve gave his friend Tim a ride.  Next, we launched Dan P. in Jeff’s 1-26.  This was Dan’s first flight in a 1-26, and he loved it.  Steve then took Kubra up for a lesson, and Jeff did two flights in his 1-26.  Jeff caught some good lift on his final flight, and we had to ask him to come back down, lol.  Frank did all the towing.
Thanks all, for a nice Friday afternoon.
Tom S.