The 1-26B Coming in to Land on Runway 13 

Hello, all:

We flew eleven flights today.  We don’t fly on a lot of weekdays, but Bob C. predicted that there’d be strong lift, so club members did what they could to leave work early so that they could come out to get some longer flights.  The flights started with Dan P. taking Jeff F’s 1-26B up for a ‘Return to Service’ flight.  Jeff had some work done on his 1-26 this past spring, and he asked Dan to take the first flight in order to verify that its flight characteristics had not changed.  Dan released from the tow at 3,000′ AGL, and immediately climbed to 5,800′.  Dan flew a thirty-minute flight, and after landing, he declared Jeff’s 1-26 ‘a harmonious flyer’.  Meanwhile, Bob A. flew thirty-four minute flight in the L-23.  After Bob was launched, Jim C took his Phoebus up for a fifty-five minute flight.  Jeff was launched in his 1-26, and he stayed up for an hour and fourteen minutes.  Bob C. was launched in his Russia, and he flew north to Tekamah and back during a two hour and ten-minute flight.  Bob D took the L-23 up for thirty minutes with Steve R riding along, and did a least one impressive wing-over.  Their flight was followed by John H, who was attempting to finish his B badge requirements.  John was aloft for forty-one minutes, so he just missed the B badge.  Bob A. flew solo on the next flight, and he stayed aloft for thirty-three minutes.  Bud S. finished the day flying three pattern tows.  Frank towed the first eight flights, and Bob D. towed the last three.

The lift turned out to be good – good call, Bob C!  There were a lot of long flights today.  We don’t get days like this very often, so when the opportunity presents itself, it’s good that members are able to come out to fly.

Thanks all.