Hi All,

Busy day today. Total 11 flights, good thermals all day, we had to limit flights to 30-35 minutes. We started at 12:45 with Jim up in the L33. Jaime took James S. up for a 30 day sign off. Don Meyer took the L23 for a solo. Jaime did 5 more check out/lessons, Bob A., Jeff C. Dave, Steve R. and Larry made it in time for the hanger flight, landing at 6:15, up 36 minutes. We gave Jaime a break in between with my solo flight. In the mix, Jim took up the L33 again and Jay had his Russia up 1:38 and I think topped at 6500. We were getting up to 5-6000+. Bob Dyer did all the towing and Jaime the instruction, thanks! Bob D. gave me a ride on his cool motorcycle, fun! A real nice day at the field.

Again, no flying this weekend.