Hi All,

Wow, 14 flights today, and what a beautiful day. Lift was plentiful, the longest flight was Bob Craig at 2 hours followed by Paul in the L33 with 57 minutes. We had to limit the L23 to 25 to 30 minutes. Steve R. was up first with Jaime. He and Jeff each had two flights with Jaime. Second up was Don Meyer for his first flight in the L33. He did a second flight also. Steve S. took the L33 up and then also gave a ride to a friend who had a gift cert. I did a solo flight to give Jaime a break. Larry had a good flight with Jaime. Paul also took up the grand daughter of Steve’s friend. Jim C. also managed to get in a flight in the L33. Paul, Whit and Steve did the towing. A very busy day, great to be out soaring.