It looked like the day was going to be a bust with Mike B. cancelling out because his Dad  not feeling well. That only left Whit and Steve S. for such a beautiful day. I had a ride coming and a new member student so Steve and I began to get out the equipment as best we could. Jerry Adams showed up and helped us pull out the Pawnee and then headed home. But out of the blue (literally) Don Meyer showed up renting a Citrabria from Pella, Ia. and flying over for the day. Winds were light so we launched from 31 and landed back on 13. First flight was Don with Whit for a currency check flight. Whit’s ride showed (a great lady from a CAP squadron at Burke High School). We had a 25 minute flight and she was so excited. Next up was Don for a solo flight followed by Whit with new member John Pineda. We had a 21 minute flight. Got a little lift. Hanger flight was Steve S. and we had the stuff put away by 3:30. Steve did 3 tows and Whit the remaining 2. Turned out to be a delightful day for soaring with just a skeleton crew.. You all missed it! Will try for a day this week.