We had a decent turnout for flying after the membership meeting with a 31 takeoff operation and able to land back on 13. We started the day with 2 recurrent flights with Whit going up with Bob A. and Jamie flying with Tom S. Both are now current for another 30 days. Jim Clark then too the L-33 up for a pattern tow to complete a spot landing and another step toward the Bronze Badge or maybe he completed it. Not Sure. Steve S. took the L-33 up for a solo flight and Mike B. followed in his Russia having the longest flight of 41 minutes. Pat G. took a friend up in the L-23 Followed by Paul J. also taking a friend up for the hanger flight. Steve and Whit shared the towing duties.

On another note, next Sat. Ronnie Mitchell will be out for a ride and doing an article for PIREPS on our club. He is the Nebraska Director of Aeronautics. Weather is iffy right now but it would be nice to have a great turnout for the occasion. After flying the plan is to take the Pawnee up for the annual inspection. Will keep you posted on the Sat. weather.